About Diane Dyson


Some of the issues Diane has been involved in over the years:

  • The Pop-Up shop project and the elimination of the tax rebate to commercial landlords with vacant storefronts
  • Community hubs (Author, advisor and advocate)
  • The expansion of funding to fight bed bugs, inclusionary zoning and rent control protections
  • The Poverty Reduction Strategies at the province and at the City
  • The development of the TDSB's Inner City Model Schools and the Strong Neighbourhood Strategy at United Way
  • Co-author of reports and lead on immigrant and precarious employment projects 
  • People for Education Steering Committee member and research coordinator
  • Jane's Walks leader
  • Social media for the Toronto Field Naturalists
  • Executive and Board member for the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations (FMTA)

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Diane Dyson delivers practical solutions to real life problems. As an experienced, professional problem solver in the nonprofit sector, Diane knows how to make sense of big policy ideas and apply this knowledge to address the needs of our diverse East End community.

Diane understands that decision-making needs to be inclusive and equitable. She is an active community member who expects politicians to act with purpose and integrity.  Diane's commitment towards poverty reduction and civic action comes from lived experience as well as her work in community services. 

Diane’s work is informed by a genuine belief in providing opportunities for people to thrive together. Public service is not just a profession for Diane Dyson but a lifelong passion project.



YouTube clips:

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Appearances on TVO's The Agenda:

Cooling the GTA's Hot Real Estate Market (2017)

Gentrification: Help or Harm (2014)


Samara Canada nomination for Everyday Political Citizen


Spacing interview for Jane's Walk (2010)


Diane's blog (her writings over the years)