Better Local Government

Today, the provincial government is introducing a new bill called the Better Local Government Act

This act is Orwellian doublethink in more than its name. It attacks the free and open structure of our society, ignoring any due process or democratic principles.

We have been here before. The Harris Conservatives introduced both  a Better Local Government Act (Bill 86) and a Fewer Politicians Act (Bill 81).  

The Ford provincial government proposes to merge the City's wards into provincial ridings mid-stream, after campaigns are already well underway and after City Council had already affirmed its new 47-ward strurcture as the most fair representation of the city's residents.

In Beaches East York, Matt Kellway and I standing for democracy. Join us Thursday, August 2, for a joint canvas from East Lynn Park. We will be collecting signatures from Ward residents calling for a reversal of the provincial government act.

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