Campaign launch lifts off


 Display Board in frontofCampaign Launch EventMusic, food, donors, volunteers and cake mixed in the often funny and sometimes earnest speeches at the campaign launch for Diane Dyson's bid for Ward 35 City Councillor.

Neighbours, friends and family, work colleagues and progressive people joined the celebration June 27th at Hirut Restaurant. East-enders and folks from across the city came to give. 

Local musician Isaak Bonk held the stage through three sets.

Trustee Candidate Phil Pothen rallied the crowd, and both Councillor Janet Davis and newly-elected M.P.P. Rima Berns-McGown spoke to why the new ward needs to maintain a progressive voice on Council.

Victoria Bowman, a long-timefriend of Diane's, offered her personal endorsement, offering examples of Diane's work at Ryerson, United Way, WoodGreen Community Services, and in the neighbourhoods around us. "She lives her principles," Victoria said.

From community hubs to bed bugs, from poverty elimination to neighbourliness, Diane has pushed on all these fronts, working locally and down at City Hall.

Near the end of the evening, Diane also spoke, quietly to speaking the crowd about why she now felt the need to step up. She has spent her adult life building the case for stronger neighbourhoods, yet improvements has been slow.

"The evidence we present is important, but more important is the ethic of care we owe each other. This is not some soft-hearted puffery," she explained, "but rather a deep and demanding commitment, to ask whether the decisions we make together will help or harm others, especially those who too often already face too many challenges. People who ask this need to be at the decision-making tables."

To enjoy some other pictures from the night, see the event on Facebook.

This was the first of many opportunties to join Diane, to meet her and others commited to our community.