Child Poverty

This is a graphic showing concentrations of child poverty across the Beaches East York ward; it indicates that 21.1% of the ward's children live in poverty

In some of our neighbourhoods in the ward, 1 out of 20 every child comes from a family with a low income. In other pockets, half of the children you see come from a family who is struggling to get by.

 Municipal government does not have the power to improve these family incomes, but we do have the ability to make a difference.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi tells this story of growing up in the city. “We were low-income,” he explains, “but we were not poor.” He waits for a pause before he explains further. There was a public pool and a library in his neighbourhood. And a quick transit ride downtown let him into the museum on the days it had free admission.

We have the power as a City to make sure every kids gets a fair chance. Part of the Toronto Poverty Reduction Plan will do that. Our Youth strategy will also help. But we also need to look at every proposed city action, and ask, is this making us a poorer city or a richer one?

I will be a voice to ensure we are not letting our city become more unequal.