Diane Dyson registers for Ward 35 City Council election race

Diane Dyson & and Janet Davis with friends and supporters, June 13

On Wednesday, June 13, City Councillor Janet Davis announced she wouldn't be running in the October municipal election and offered her personal endorsement of my bid for City Council.

Here's what I shared with family, friends and neighbours who joined us for the event:

Hello new Ward 35!

Our Councillor Janet Davis is amazing. Isn’t she?

Janet is known as one of the hardest working people on Council. Her record of public service is known across the ward and across the city. She is known for defending East York’s interests, for protecting childcare, tenants, our ravines and water.

Because of this, Janet has been reliably returned to City Council by some of the widest margins of victory in the city. The people of East York believe in the causes she has championed and work she has done to create a place where everyone belongs. Janet Davis deserves our thanks.

I am so proud to be endorsed by Janet! I first met her almost twenty years ago, when we were both working to protect the children of our community from the ravages of the Harris Conservative government.

In light of our recent provincial election results, we are there again.

I have spent my adult life in the east end, and raised my children here, I know what people in this community.

I fully expect over the next five years, we will see the closure of libraries, cuts to affordable housing and income support programs, the loosening of protections for our natural environment. We will need to stand up again, to stand against it.

I have done that work before, I have been your advocate at City Hall and at Queen’s Park.

Yes, this is hard work. And I am ready for it!

We share this community, we share this place. And we have always worked to protect the common good, so that we can thrive, together:

  •   Where affordable housing is there to meet the needs of tenants, not to pad the revenue projections of landlords.
  •   Where newcomers prosper alongside “oldcomers,” where everyone’s race or language are celebrated and respected
  •   Where our neighbourhoods are safe and walkable for children and for seniors, for cyclists, without risk
  •   Where we all belong

I know the people of this ward believe in these values too. Like Janet, with Janet, I’ve worked hard at City Hall to make sure our neighbourhoods are strong and good.

I’ve spent years as an advocate for stronger communities, writing research reports, speaking at public consultations and debating around policy tables.

And I have always focused on solutions – for the elimination of  poverty and precarious employment, for community services and school hubs, in housing and for greener spaces.

I have done these things in collaboration with many of you who are also committed to finding progressive solutions to the problems we face in the city.

Over the coming few years, we will need integrity, vision, courage and commitment. I believe I can offer this with the experience we will need to protect and grow our community.

So today, I am standing myself as a candidate for City Council to serve the people of the new Ward 35. I have the knowledge and community experience to deliver on what the people of our ward and around have shown they value. I am ready to work with you and work for you to build a city that works for everyone.

Join me. Let's get started!