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Colleen Peacock ~ retired E.D. of Meals on Wheels East Toronto

Diane Dyson, a leader in community development in East Toronto, has worked tirelessly throughout her career on strategies that address poverty reduction, homelessness, affordable childcare, seniors' safety and refugee resettlement. As our next City Councillor, we can be assured that she will use her experience to advocate for and work towards a city that is safe, liveable and inclusive for all. 


Pamela Grant ~ Earl Beatty

Diane's demonstrated commitment to equity & anti-racism, and her research experience means she understands the barriers and will do what it takes to overcome them.

Pamela Grant

Sheri Hebdon & Katarina Maatta-Hebdon ~ Danforth East

Diane has dedicated her personal & professional life to issues that matter: tenant rights & affordable housing, local economic development, community hubs, poverty reduction, & environmental protection. We are confident that she will work for prosperity and success for everyone.

Stacy Sankar ~ George Webster

Diane is invested in building places kids can grow up. She is passionate about creating healthy, diverse and thriving communities for families. 



Civic leaders

Jse-Che Lam ~ lifelong east end resident

Diane Dyson is a candidate whose integrity, insight and knowledge are much needed at City Council.  With a strong background in policy and research, Diane understands that as your Councillor, decisions made at City Hall need to be less about barriers and bureaucracy and more about resilience and progress. 

Sabin Mukkath ~ Community Health researcher

I am extremely happy that Diane Dyson is running for City Councillor. She has worked on different social and economic issues in Toronto for her whole life and is conversant with the problems facing the city. She is experienced, resourceful and dynamic and passionate about serving the marginalized. She will be an excellent Councillor and represent her constituency very well.


Professor Sutama Ghosh

Diane Dyson is a hands-on community worker, researcher, and a dedicated social activist.

first came to know Diane and her work with Toronto’s immigrant communities in 2001, while
I was conducting my doctoral study on the Bangladeshi community living in the Crescent
Town area.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Diane on several
research projects, focussing on various aspects of immigrant settlement processes in
Toronto, particularly access to affordable housing.

As a co-board member of the Federation of Metro Tenants Association, I have witnessed Diane’s leadership and her ability to work
harmoniously with members of diverse interest groups. Through her action-research, Diane has established herself not only as a well-respected community leader, but also as a tireless advocate for social change and social justice.


Dr. Emily Paradis ~ Housing advocate and Urban Studies professor

Diane Dyson is exactly the kind of leader we need on City Council: a woman with experience, commitment, and deep knowledge of the most pressing issues facing our neighbourhoods and our city. Over the years I have marveled at Diane’s ability to see both the close-up and the big picture when looking at life in Toronto. As a neighbourhood activist, she knows how to zero in on the small, everyday things that make our communities work, like parents sharing park benches and shopkeepers who know their customers. At the same time, with her vast knowledge of research on urban issues, she can zoom out to understand the big trends that are shaping Toronto’s future, like the lack of affordable housing and the downward pressure on wages. City Hall needs her combination of caring, curiosity, and innovation.

Laurel Rothman ~ Retired Director, Campaign 2000: End Child Poverty in Canada

I have known Diane for the past 15 years. Together we pushed for governments to address growing poverty and inequality in our communities.

Diane will be strong and authentic voice for caring communities, those who are pushed to the margins, childcare and children's services. She understands these issues at her core. Diane is the kind of politician we want in this city.

Photo of Laurel Rothman


Cyn Rozeboom ~ East End Artist

Diane is a compassionate individual who has proven her dedication to the east end community with her past work. We need more leaders with the ability to both listen and get things done. Diane is definitely one of these rare finds!


These endorsements from city councilors were received under the 47-ward system.

Kristyn Wong Tam

Kristyn Wong Tam  I support Diane Dyson because she is both smart and deeply committed to making our city more inclusive, vibrant and liveable. Over decades, from Pop-Up Shops to poverty reduction, I have seen Diane work to make our city better and more inclusive. Diane belongs at City Hall.








Mike Layton

Diane Dyson knows how to build stronger neighbourhoods, which is why we need her on city council. Diane was instrumental in the creation of Toronto's Poverty Reduction Strategy and has helped protect affordable housing throughout the city. She was also key to revitalizing retail on our main streets through her advocacy to end the Vacant Commerical Property Tax Rebate. Diane is my choice and I hope she'll be yours, too. 







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