Inclusive Zoning

Inclusive zoning is one of the new tools that cities have to make sure that some affordable housing is being built. The legislation means that cities can require that developers offer part of any new building as an affordable rate – rather than at a market-driven one. Through my time at the Federation of Metro Tenants Association, I fought for these new municipal powers, and in April of this year, the province granted them.

So the new City Council will have to develop the new regulations to carry this forth. Unless Toronto adopts a strong program, we risk becoming more and more like Manhattan in New York city, where only the richest people can afford to live.

The policy of inclusive zoning provides an important source of new housing, as government is not able to meet the full demand. Channeling the richer resources of the private market into a positive direction is much more impactful. In my conversations with the Development community is that they will adapt to the new regime, as long as all other developers are also bound by the same rules.

We need to channel the building boom in this city so that everyone benefits.