NOW Toronto Endorses Diane

In their 2018 Toronto Election Voter's Guide, NOW Toronto has endorsed Diane as their pick for Ward 19:

"Diane Dyson had the endorsement of outgoing councillor for the area, Janet Davis, before Ford announced his plan to cut council in half and she backed Kellway, the former NDP MP for the area. It was a strategic move on Davis’s part, but we like Dyson, for her work on poverty reduction and affordable housing issues."

Thanks, NOW Toronto!


Town Hall Highlights

I spoke recently at a town hall event with a number of other candidates in the Ward. Here are some key issues that I touched on during the event:

Why I'm Running for Council

Making Livable Neighbourhoods

Managing the Increased Size of the Ward

Increasing Density in the Ward




In the News: The turmoil of this election


East York Chronicle Ward 19 Profile

Earlier this month, the East York Chronicle asked me the following questions:

  • What is your motivation for seeking the position and what special attributes would you bring to the job?
  • How can we better utilize streets to make them safe as well as efficient transportation routes?
  • What role if any should local government play in helping to ensure affordable housing for its citizens?
  • The City has just received an unexpected $10 million windfall. Indicate how you would allocate that money by % to the following categories: soft social services, hard social services, infrastructure, transit, economic development, the environment, debt reduction
  • Should government be run more like a business or more like a family?
  • Which, to you, is the most important book you’ve ever read?
  • What scares you?
  • Is there an issue that stands out to you as being of over-riding priority? Explain.


Click here to see my responses and those of other Ward 19 candidates.