Our natural environment

I am a tree hugger, one who enjoys our ravines and waterfronts. A nature walk is just my speed, groups pausing to observe a butterfly fluttering by or to study a tiny mushroom hidden in a carpet of leaves. I pull up Dog Strangling Vine automatically from railway embankments or public pathways. And having secured @TOnature for them, I am the Twit who tweets for the Toronto Field Naturalists.

Our city is a great, green environment perched at the edge of a great lake!  

Within our ward, Beaches East York, we have environmentally sensitive areas and waterways that need active protection. Ravines riddle our neighbourhoods and free-flowing water frames it. East Yorkers have historically worked to protect their ravines, and the people of the Beach know the preciousness of the natural treasure before them, a Great Lake, indeed. 

Still, our natural environment is under constant pressure, and it is pushing back. Recent weather events, flooding in the city or overheating demand we respond. As even Harrison Ford has said, “we need nature; it doesn’t need us.”

If elected, I commit to working with local residents and to be a nature guardian, to:

  • protect our environmentally sensitive areas from encroachment
  • protect our ward's natural heritage and biodiversity, including working to provide the funding to do that
  • work to move the City's Ravine and the Pollinator Protection Strategies forward to action
  • work to adopt Biodiversity and Parkland Strategies at the City
  • work to reduce water quality advisories and pollution