Residential Streets and Speeding

Traffic and speeding cars are one of the most common areas of concern I hear from people. This is especially important as most schools are located on residential streets!

If streets provide a dual function:

  1. as places where we live, meet neighbours, children play and also
  2. as links between destination, providing a way to travel between places,  

then surely our residential streets should lean towards the first of those. They, above all, should be safe places.

Yet, too many of our streets are designed as small highways, with sidewalks as an afterthought. I have seen mothers pushing strollers alongside other children, end up off the curb as they negotiated many of our narrow sidewalks.

 So I want to see bulb-outs at street corners (where guerrilla gardeners can play!), wider sidewalks, two-sided parking and other creative ways we can slow traffic in our neighbourhoods, better than speed bumps.